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Offranville 2010
Parc William Farcy - Salle du Moulin
Exhibition "Roses de Maubert"
from June 18 to 25
under the patronage of the
"l'Association pour la sauvegarde du patrimoine veulais"


The exhibition "The Roses of Maubert," after leaving the end of September 2009 the Chapel of Bayeux and its tapestry, ended as the various events that have honored the memory of the painter of Natural History, Edouard Maubert.
This year, "Mignonne, allons voir…si la rose..." is somewhere in the Park Floral William Farcy, in the heart of the beautiful town of Normandy, Offranville. It is there, in the former charreterie 18th century became a museum, where the roses will obviate themselves again, with all their finery to welcome visitors.




In this old building, we find the "Roses of Maubert."
Most funds come from the media library of Bayeux and from the funds of famous rose grower of the nineteenth century, Jules Gravereaux which the departmental archives of Val de Marne are custodians.



(top) Rose centifolia in cabbage leaves or lettucethis "centifolia" also known under the names "bullata, bullata cabbage rose" ... It was discovered by Duhamel in 1801 and introduced in 1811 by Mr. Du Pont in the gardens of Josephine de Beauharnais. At the same time, PJ Redouté painted a rose he called "Hundred-leaf lettuce leaves." The one shown above, painted by Edouard Maubert, highlights the same characteristics: "an undulating foliage, bypassed, and a large scale." Collection Jules Gravereaux.

The rose "Marguerite Dombrain" would refer to the daughter of the Reverend Father Dombrain, pink French ambassador in England. It was obtained by Eugene Verdiereldest son in 1865. Although Mr. Hérincq in the magazine "the French horticulturist" of that year, stated that "this variety is dedicated to the collections of the most exigent fans," Today we do not find it anywhere, either in nurseries or in rose garden. (Private Collection)




(top) Speech from elected in Offranville.