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The AMVPAC organizes a host of events. As part of the ninth edition of: "Festival Notre Dame "

You have to see, from "August 6 to August 29, 2010"

The photo exhibition "The allotment gardens" accompanied by the best botanical plates painted by artist Edouard Maubert (1806 - 1879)

1_VItrine Office de tourisme cor1

Realization of the window of the Tourist Office of Calais by Edward Group Association Maubert

"The Gardens from History"

These gardens, formerly called allotment gardens were created in the late nineteenth century by the Abbé Lemire, influential politician, deputy mayor of the city of Hazebrouck in French Flanders (North). Strong supporter of the family, he campaigned for the development of the working class and, in 1896, founded the "Ligue Française du Coin de Terre et du Foyer".

 The creation of this event photography around the "allotment gardens", aims to trace the work of Abbé Lemire and enhance these familiar landscapes, heritage of a working-class culture as alive as profound.

 Edouard Maubert, Calais painter of the nineteenth century, by his engraving sequences this exhibition . This painter of natural history, attached to the Museum of Paris, managed to make palpable the botanical richness and the colors from gardens. He reveals us several details from flowers, Capucines, Dahlia, ..., as well as those from fruits and vegetables of our gardens.


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Speeches of elected : Mr. Grenat, Mayor Assistant for the tourism and heritage, Mr. Antoine Deguine, Mayor Assistant for the culture and the economic relations and Mr. Philippe Mignonette, Mayor Assistant for the environment and transports.

The Calais people have made a warm welcome to the exhibition "The allotment gardens” and the work of Father Lemire.


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Some gardeners have found themselves on the pictures they have entrusted to us. They have thus rediscovered the history of their garden: the gardens of Fort Nieulay, the gardens of the Sondage, the gardens of the Petit Courgain, the gardens of La Porte de Lille.


5_Souvenir abbé Lemire cor1

6-La vie l'oeuvre A Lemire cor.1

In remembrance, birth of a Rose "Abbé Lemire" created in 1996 by nurseries to ORARD, Feyzin (Lyon).

The life and work of Abbé Lemire, a good man now considered a humanist and a visionary.



7_création des jardins ouvriers cor1

8_Biodiversité cor1

The creation of allotments, the work of Abbé Lemire, Mayor of Hazebrouck and Deputy of Flanders.

Outreach of the work of Abbé Lemire.
Than ever, we think about "shared garden" and "biodiversity".


9_Fort Nieulay cropté cor1

The four allotment gardens in Calais are in the spotlight. Here the gardens of Fort Nieulay.

Règne végétal cor1

The engravings of vegetables and fruits from the edition of the Règne Végétal and from "Universal Dictionary of Natural History" (Charles d'Orbigny), works of Edouard Maubert, complete the exhibition.


11_Plante potagère cor 1JPG

Edouard Maubert: an overview of works from volumes of the "Règne Végétal: Plantes potagères et fruitières" and from "Universal Dictionary of Natural History" (Charles d'Orbigny).

12_article HetM cor1

This exhibition includes one hundred and twenty frames, which show the texts and photo reports on the allotment gardens from Calais and Hazebrouck, with engravings of botanical painter Edouard Maubert of Natural History.