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Calais (62): the AMVPAC organizes a host of events. As part of the ninth edition of
"Notre Dame en Fête"
to see the "August 6 to August 29, 2010"

The photo exhibition "Les Jardins ouvriers" with  botanical engravings  from Artist Edouard Maubert
(1806 - 1879)

"The gardens of history"

   These gardens, formerly called "Les Jardins ouvriers" were created in the late nineteenth century by the clergyman Lemire, influential politician Christian deputy mayor of the city in Hazebrouck, french Flanders region (North). Fervent defender of the family, he campaigned for the development of the working class and in 1896 founded the

"Ligue Française du Coin de Terre et du Foyer".


This exhibition contrasts the photographic description cons detailed botanical illustrations.

These two techniques are complementary and reveal all the local heritage that are
"Les Jardins ouvriers".

Also, for all gardeners and garden lovers, this exhibition should be seen!

This event photography around "Les Jardins ouvriers", aims to trace the work of the clergyman Lemire and enhance these familiar landscapes, a heritage of working class culture as alive as deep.

The "Jardins ouvriers" renamed " jardins familiaux ", meeting places and friendliness, contribute in human and architectural heritage of our cities.

The photographs presented and carried out from 1885 to today come from the tourist office City Hazebrouck, fund Archive Association Memory of clergyman Lemire and associations of Workers Calais Gardens.

By combining with an attention to detail, landscapes, portraits and testimonies, the exhibition composed of texts and photographs shows an intense experience and a tradition preserved today.

The botanical works of Edouard Maubert, painter of the nineteenth century Calais, punctuate this exhibition.
This painter of natural history, attached to the Museum of Paris, managed to make us tangible wealth and colorful botanical gardens and reveals details of flowers such as Capucines, the Dahlia, ..., as well as fruits and vegetables from our gardens.