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"Walk in the gardens of the Middle Ages"

Realization : Groupe Edouard Maubert, peintre du XIXe siècle

"Sketches and drawings of lace"

Realization : "Cité internationale de la dentelle et de la mode de Calais" (Lace Museum)

Présentation : 24 juin 2011 – 26 août 2011

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    In the Church of Notre Dame, this exhibition places the visitor to the heart of the history of France during the period between the Middle Ages and early Renaissance.


   Two interpretations as literary and artistic, will help the visitor throughout this journey to discover the different uses of the medieval garden. The majority of engravings included in this exhibition belong to the illustration of a magnificent encyclopedia of the nineteenth century, "le Règne végétal", made by Men of Science, eminent botanists, doctors and pharmacists. Edouard Maubert, Natural History painter, whose reputation was well established in the field, is the author of the majority of the illustrations in this book.

    Exhibition space is also reserved the "International City of lace and fashion of Calais". The precision of the pen and brush in the botanical description, shows a strong link with the graphic work for the creation of lace. Unpublished sketches will be presented.